Monthly Archives: November 2017


Seaside in The Algarves

Taking a break from the city life I took the train down to the southern region of Portugal, The Algarve. My stay consisted of several days in the town of Lagos and a day trip […]

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Lisbon, Portugal

Arriving in Lisbon was such a treat. I was dropped off on a hilly, cobbled street located in the ever popular and laid back neighborhood of Bairro Alto. The neighborhood streets were filled with young […]

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My Love Affair with Morocco

Morocco surprised me in many different ways but I think the biggest way in which it surprised me was the beautiful and diverse landscapes it had to offer. From the busy city streets to small […]

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Fez, Morocco

As the second largest city of Morocco, Fez boasted a much cleaner, modern and a friendlier atmosphere than my previous stops in Morocco. Fez is probably best known for its Fes El Bali medina. The […]

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Why You Should Visit Meknes & Rabat

Salaam Alekum (hello in Arabic)! Trying to decide where to go in Morocco? Be sure to visit Meknes and Rabat for a unique perspective of Moroccan culture and history. I traveled by train from the […]

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Visiting the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Casablanca, is a city like no other, well at least unlike any city I had ever seen. Taking a while to find my bearings, money, and food I finally started to navigate the streets of […]

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