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Hello! My name is Jessica Hughes and I am a Colorado based photographer living in Denver. I began my photography journey years ago, photographing my handmade jewelry collection. Instantly, I fell in love with the art of photography and soon channeled that passion into a career. I have always been a creator and an artist dabbling in everything from paintings and watercolors to design and drawings. Combined with my artistic background and the elements of photography, it all seamlessly fits together.

Originally from Oklahoma, I moved to Colorado in 2011 for its outdoor recreational opportunities. Often times you’ll find me hiking, backpacking, skiing, biking, and generally enjoying the outdoors – always with my camera in hand. Combined with my adventurous nature and my desire to travel, I don’t work out of a studio but rather strictly on-location. I find when people and buildings (obviously!) are in their natural state, you get the best out of them.

image of me taking a photo

My specialties include architecture, lifestyle, landscape, and travel photography. The bulk of the clients I work with include hotels, construction management, architecture, and interior design firms. I also (most popular during spring and fall) offer $150 Mini Family Sessions for 30 minutes at the location of your choice or one I highly recommend.

With every photo shoot, I strive to showcase my subjects, whether a person or a building, in the most natural and authentic way possible – using natural light whenever achievable. In conjunction with high-quality natural-looking images, the value I provide my clients is comparable. On average a one-hour architectural photo shoot will cost the client $400, from start to finish – all with a fast turnaround time of 72 hours!

To get a feel for the typical projects I work on, be sure to view my photography blog. I highlight photo shoots I have completed over the years with information including the client’s asks, the space, the scope, and the cost of the assignment.

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