Exterior and Interior Architecture Photoshoot at the Novel Coworking Space

Denver Exterior and Interior Architecture Photoshoot

Project: Office interior and outdoor rooftop at the Novel Coworking Space

Commercial construction management company EJCM, LLC. hired JLH in DESIGN for an exterior and interior architecture photoshoot. The project was to photograph the interior office space, outdoor rooftop, and the entrance of the Novel Coworking space in downtown Denver.


Beginning with the rooftop, I chose to work with the warm morning light, starting just before sunrise and continuing through the early morning. The main goal was to capture every angle of the space with the buildings of downtown in the background.

Interior common space

The adjoining interior common space functions as an indoor/outdoor space. So, the floor-to-ceiling patio doors were the main feature I wanted to include in each shot. The client also wanted to showcase the area’s uniquely lit ceiling, kitchen space, and common lounge area.

First-floor office space

The first-floor office space was photographed next. My plan was to use the morning light but avoid any harsh sun glare. The natural light was well-balanced, thus not requiring any additional shooting equipment. The client wanted to capture the size and layout of the space, details of the lighting, and the kitchen.

Entrance at night

A second photoshoot was planned to capture the newly-renovated entrance at night. The client requested a twilight shot to showcase the updated features with the outdoor lighting and empty streets of downtown.

The rooftop, common area, and first-floor office space were completed in one two-hour photoshoot. For the twilight shots of the exterior, the photoshoot took roughly 30 minutes at dusk. The entire scope of work, including 30 high-res images, cost the client just under $1,000.

The images are listed on EJCM’s website and used in their marketing brochures. If you are a commercial construction management company in need of some photos to showcase your interior and exterior building projects, feel free to contact me for a free quote and consultation.

To view my portfolio of exterior and interior architecture photoshoot follow the link below.

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