Finding my Big Magic

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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

While it has been several years since the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert was first published, I am just now getting around to reading it and boy am I glad I did! As someone who has always felt that creative spark throughout my life and struggled with how and when to reveal it, this book has given me a different kind of courage to go out there and reveal my creative self.

Living a creative life is a courageous act, as it shows to the world how you view things, how you feel about things and generally an insight into your soul. I agree with Gilbert in that everyone has their own “Big Magic” inside of them for which you should not let fear prevent that part of you from coming out.

I have always doubted my creativity and what value that might bring to the world. Sometimes thinking, “well this has already been done before”, what would be so unique or special about my painting of a flower, or my photograph of a mountain scape. But one point that Gilbert brings to light in her book that stuck out to me was, “yes these things have been done before but they have never been done by you before.” Each one of us has something unique to offer as we each have different experiences that shape our perspective on how we see the world, which I believe drives a big part of creativity.

After years of radio silence and not having the courage to live the creative life I always knew I was meant to live, one day the light literally came on! I felt a rumbling in my stomach, a feeling that I just couldn’t shake. Feeling frustrated and a bit fearful in my life, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, what was missing? But I finally did, I came to the realization that I had been holding back my spark, my curiosity, creative ideas. My Big Magic was bubbling at the surface and it was just bursting to come out! I soon slowly began to crawl out of this shell I had been hiding in for so long.

This wasn’t an instant overnight success and quite frankly I am still slowly revealing my creative self bit by bit to the world one day at a time. Like everything in life, it is a process. I will continue to always be a work in progress status but what makes me so happy is that I know I have come so far from where I started and I credit this book for continuing to push me down this journey.

It has been an amazingly wonderful snowball effect into what is now today the beginning of my company, JLH in DESIGN. By facing what I most feared I was able to achieve my creative resurrection. So if you are struggling to find and release your Big Magic, I highly recommend you read this book to give you that extra push you might need! I hope you find your Big Magic and let it be seen!

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