My Love Affair with Morocco

Morocco surprised me in many different ways but I think the biggest way in which it surprised me was the beautiful and diverse landscapes it had to offer. From the busy city streets to small mountain villages….from sunsets in the Sahara and seaside splendor to the high peaks in the Atlas mountains, Morocco gave my eyes something to marvel at.

Not only was the landscape breathtaking but the packed streets of the medinas gave you an excuse to stop in admiration. The intoxicating smells of fruits, spices, and pastries gave your senses a trip of a lifetime. Each corner you turned, had another colorful door, decorative window, or beautifully designed tile work. It was a surprise at every step.

Morocco truly offered me so much more than a fascinating culture to learn about or a beautiful landscape to admire. It gave me a new way to see the world. It would be hard to sum up Morocco in just a few words so below are my thoughts on what Morocco meant to me……

welcoming people

busy Streets

too many cats

not enough sweet mint tea

beautiful sunsets

colorful streets

vibrant merchants

olives at every meal

dates, dates and even more dates

pomegranates for days

goats in trees

camels…. eating and riding one (kind of strange thing to do experience both in the same week)

prideful country

winning a spot in the World Cup…. best night ever!

Until we meet again…..Morocco you hold a special place in my heart.

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